What does believing look like?

Rod Shimabukuro


James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,..James 1:1a


I had a super difficult time selecting 1 or 2 verses from James chapters 1 thru 5! James is so action oriented. Much of his emphasis is living out faith of God. For me, this is what James illuminates. In other words: “what does your believing (faith) look like in real life?” There are so many references in his letter on how to live out your faith. Or - what does faith in Jesus actually look like through a common life? Being the brother of Jesus, I’m sure that James had enough personal experiences and a passion to live out his faith in Christ! James opens his letter identifying with Jesus as his Lord - not his brother. As a servant of God - not as a family member! Not to minimize his family relationship with Jesus - but this was earthly - temporal - in the sense that the greater relationship is with God, spiritual, eternal.


For me today, believing looks like being a SERVANT OF GOD - and being fully aware that Jesus is Lord of my life - my EVERYTHING!!! I’m wondering is James could have felt a little entitled as a “brother/family member” of Jesus? Sometimes I feel entitled, expecting things from God because I’m family! I am a child of God aren’t I?? Yes I am but my point is to constantly have the heart of being His servant - even as a child of God!


Dear Father - thank you for calling me to Your grace and bringing me into Your family! Help me to always have and display a servants heart as your son. Forgive me for my wicked entitlement expectations and attitudes!!
I love You soooolo much!!!

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James 1,2,3,4,5

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