God is not a Control Freak

Rod Shimabukuro


So then it depends not on human will or exertion, but on God, who has mercy. Romans 9:16


This passage speaks of God’s powerful, independent, sovereign character. God is The One and Only True God - and what He says goes. No questions asked. Actually in the minds of humanity, there are tons of questions about who God is, HIs character and disposition. He invites us to ask, to grapple with Him - but in the end...HIs ways are higher, HIs thoughts greater and His purposes will be accomplished.

Paul seems to lay more solid foundation for the salvation of the Gentiles. Paul quotes Hosea 2:23 and 1:10 stating that God will choose who HIs people will be. This chapter sets the stage to me, for who God is as sovereign and intentional about fulfilling His purposes involving salvation.


So much of my upbringing has been influenced by a “Just do it - Dream Big - Pursue your dreams...” mindset and culture. I know it has tweaked my ability to trust less in God and more in my efforts and will. I do know that God didn’t create me to be His puppet. He gave me the gift of choice - free will. But is my will to choose, greater or stronger that God’s? Of course not, especially when I consider His predetermined plans. Free choice in light of God’s predetermined, predestined characteristics will be an unsolved mystery for me.

But what I can do is live for Jesus, who has gifted me with a relationship with Him. God had and has mercy on me. I want to live sensitively in relationship with the Godhead, knowing that He is in absolute control. Yet He allows me to partner with Him, to choose to draw near to Him or not. God is in control, but not controlling as the world would define. God is not a Control Freak.


Dear God,
I draw near to You, with thanksgiving. I want to live for You with fervor, fully devoted to You. Please help me to trust in You and not depend on my own efforts, works, giftings, natural abilities. Sometimes I act on impulse rather than hearing God’s pulse on matters. Thank You for Your mercy poured out in my life!

Devotions for May 28

Proverbs 7,8,9
Romans 9

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