Doers Seek Eternal Treasure

Rod Shimabukuro


Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth-eaten. Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days. James 5:2-3


James rebuke to the wealthy come off the heels of his warning in ch. 4 about being friends with the world and enemies of God, being humble-not proud-receiving grace and not taking life or each day for granted. His bold correction outrightly confronts self indulgence and luxurious living.

James would proceed to highlight the coming of the Lord. The second coming connects to the idea of being eternally minded, laying up treasures for and unto God, not for our earthly advancement. The very last words of James letter directs the Christians to the ministry of the sinner straying from truth, which is a heavenly, Godly treasure.


My earthly focus wants to care more about ME and MY pursuit to live comfortably. I get so wrapped up in wanting more. More stuff - the same greed type issues...wanting the bigger, better, newer, greater, nicer. Self indulgence pulls me towards seeking earthy, worldly, self gratifying treasures. Not event to be “rich” but the lack of contentment is an enemy of my soul.

Each person is tempted and lured away and enticed by his own lustful desires...and boy do I ever deal with this alluring! My great need is once again, repentance. Acknowledging my desperate need for Jesus grace and strength to overcome the lusts of my flesh. I desire to continue making the daily decisions to pursue eternal treasures - not to make a name for myself, make more money or get more stuff.


Dear Spirit of God!

I long in my inner man to run away form the lusts of my flesh and to run towards seeking eternal treasures! Please forgive me for giving in to my earthly greed and lusts. I’m glad to be sick of my self indulgence! I Need Your Grace Greatly and thank you for the desire to seek and live for eternal treasures.

Devotions for July 21

2 Kings 18,19
2 Chronicles 32
James 5

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