How then shall we live

Ken Silva


Exodus 20: 22-23 Then the Lord said to Moses, "Tell the Israelites this: You have seen for yourselves that I have spoken to you from heaven. Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold.


The Israelites were wandering in the desert for a very long time. They had faced many difficult situations and had grumbled to Moses and to the Lord. The Lord had faithfully met every need of "his people". No matter the grumbling, no matter the unfaithfulness, the Lord displayed his love and caring to the Israelites. He left the "commandments" to live by. Non-negotiable pillars to be followed and obeyed. In verses 22 and 23 he reminds them to worship him andhim alone.


These verses speak to me this morning in light of the society, the culture, the "norms" if you will that swirl around us. Everyday we are inundated, bombarded, almost non-stop flooded by advertising, multimedia, TV programs, magazines, newspapers and celebrities who espouse a way of life, a way of thinking and acting that is contrary to God's word. To the fundamental principles of how God says we should live, behave and interact with each other. I'm in my 50s and have been around the block so I feel that I can discern to a decent degree. I have two children that are in college and I pray for discernment on their part. They are in the midst of a generation that is so heavily influenced by the media. Heavily influenced by peer pressure and fitting in. Mom and I need to continue speaking into their lives so that false idols (chasing the next dollar, working crazy hours, trying to be that twig on the magazine cover) don't take a foothold. Decisions made today have far reaching effects on these young lives as they grow into mature adults.


Dear Lord my prayer is for you to coninue to be real in the lives of my son and daughter. That they will love and worship you above all else. That the promises of the world will pale in comparison to your majesty. Dear Lord thank you for who you are and the love you so freely give to all who believe in you. Amen.

Devotions for January 27

Exodus 17,18,19,20
Acts 3

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