Religion and Relationship Test

Rod Shimabukuro

So then let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding. Romans 14:19
To judge of not to judge…? The conflict of having a religion of Christ and a relationship with Christ is real. Paul instructs Christians on the matter of having Christ centered relationships based on the the new covenant of faith in Him. Our Faith and relationships are tested when our God convictions and how we live these convictions out differ from one anther. This is what Paul is addressing among Christians in Rome.

Too often in my mind and heart, I battle with the wanting to be “the man.” That means different things in different scenarios or with different people. There’s an inner desire to be seen, wanted, needed, admired, worshiped… This sounds so evil, but if I were totally honest, receiving praise and attention is a wicked desire I wrestle with. I’m pretty good about not showing it (I think) but I know the battle is on when I sense a lack of peace in relationships and when I don’t want to build others up. Especially when my convictions about how I live my faith out differs from another. These situations for me, is a Religion (Judgmental) or Relationship (Building Up) Test.

I want to live differently by repenting immediately within my heart and pursue words, actions that make for peace in my relationships. I want to keep looking for ways to build others up, looking out for their interests and not my own.
Dear Daddie! I never want to be caught reflecting a “holier than thou” attitude! Thank You for Your great grace and always being so good about convicting my heart of my unrighteous motives, thoughts and desires! Thank You - Thank You! I love so much!

Devotions for June 02

Proverbs 22,23,24
Romans 14

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