Reputation: Rebuke, Repentance, Restoration

Rod Shimabukuro


Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. Revelation 2


Four times this instruction is written in chapter 2. It’s repeated 3 more times in chapter 3, as John exhorts, warns, rebukes and calls churches to hear what God’s Spirit is saying to them.

There’s a command and call for God’s church to hear what the Spirit is saying, through this letter. The common thread of action to each of the 7 churches is a call to have spiritual ears to hear God’s specific truth to each of them. Another thread is an address to their reputation (positive and negative), a rebuke, call to repentance and restoration.


Ahhhh - that’s it for what God is wanting me to apply! I have a REPUTATION that affects my REPRESENTATION of GOD. Especially if my reputation is “not good” for whatever reason, I must hear the REBUKE of the LORD, REPENT and RECEIVE RESTORATION - through the REDEMPTION OF JESUS!

  • Those are some good “R’s” to preach… but way more important is my heart, hearing the Holy Spirit…to follow through in obedience in a few specific areas of my life.

Lord… I disclose these areas to You…where You are exhorting and admonishing me to listen to YOU - to repent, towards being restored in and through the grace of Jesus! May my reputation continue to be corrected - in order to represent Your heart and life…to the world around me. And Yes…. help me to start in the household of faith: At Home, The body of Christ.

Please forgive me for any offense I’ve caused, to affect Your reputation in other people’s minds and hearts. I know I can’t “please everyone.” But let that never be a cop out - to be sensitive to You, Your Holy Spirit speaking to my heart. May I have keen, sensitive ears to hear what Your Spirit is saying to my heart. I love You!

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Ezekiel 1,2,3
Revelation 2

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