The Day Everything Changed!

Jon Burgess


On the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar, the edict commanded by the king was to be carried out. On this day the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, but now the tables were turned and the Jews got the upper hand over those who hated them. Esther 9:1


The day of Purim was meant to be a day where the Jews were destroyed by Haman and their enemies. Esther and her Uncle Mordecai risked their own lives to intercede with the pagan King Xerxes on behalf of their people. God honored this act of faith and self-sacrifice and turned the tables on the enemies of the Jews. From that year to this one the Jews celebrate the Festival of Purim in very much the same way so as to never forget the day everything changed. The day meant for their destruction became the day of their deliverance. The day meant for their annihalation became the day of their celebration. For the Christian the day everything changed is Good Friday, the day Jesus died for all mankind. This was the day the enemy of our souls had hoped to overpower Christ's plan for salvation. Jesus turned the tables and gave all would believe the upper hand against Satan and sin! This was the day everything changed! How are we celebrating? How can we make sure we don't forget what happened on that day?


As I read of the scriptural description of the Purim celebration I realized I had something to learn about how to truly celebrate the day everything changed. My hope is that these would not just be a yearly act around Easter but a part of my daily walk!

* Be Courageous- Esther & Mordecai walked in courage at the risk of their own lives to save the lives of others. Jesus courageously faced the worst ridicule and torture a man could endure to ensure our freedom. How can I move out of my self-made security and my safe comforts to courageously stand up for someone else?

* Be Obvious- While the book of Esther is read during the Festival of Purim, listeners are encouraged to use noisemakers called graggers and to boo, hiss and stamp their feet when Haman’s name is mentioned in an attempt to drown it out. Some congregations also shout “Long live Mordecai, cursed be Haman, blessed be Esther” or “May the name of the wicked rot!” No one walking by would even need to ask what was being celebrated as it would be obvious. How much more so should I shout the Name of Jesus by which I am saved? Am I quiet and reserved when it comes to praising my Deliverer and announcing the enemies defeat through the Cross? Is it obvious to those that around me that I am filled with joy because I've been saved by grace?

* Be Generous- While dressed up in costumes of Esther or Mordecai the modern day festival attenders will bring gifts and money to the poor and those in need. While clothed in Christ does my life reflect the same generosity of spirit? How else with those who don't know Christ see that He is real if I am holding on that which I don't deserve? I can be His hands and feet and meet the practical need to reach the spiritual need of salvation.


Lord, I don't want to wait until Easter weekend to celebrate the day You changed everything on that Cross! I pray that I would be courageous in my actions, obvious in Your praise, and generous with what You've given me!

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