The Silent Strength of God

Rod Shimabukuro


To you, Lord, I call; you are my Rock, do not turn a deaf ear to me. For if you remain silent, I will be like those who go down to the pit. Psalm 28:1


The tone of David’s lyrics in this Psalm is plea for mercy amidst evil and concludes with praise to God for strength, help and salvation. His opening words recognize God as Lord, his Rock and ends his song recognizing God as a shepherd.

“You are my Rock” according to Jewish culture, has been linked to the rocky Mt. Sinai - symbolizing a place of enduring, everlasting covenant. (WBC) The symbolism of rocks can be still, silent, yet strong. But the Rock representing Mt. Sinai, was a place of meeting the God who spoke and made a covenant with His people!


There’s strength in silence. When God is silent, I tend to get squeamish, nervous - especially when I’m in need or want. My impatience to wants “my answers now - on my time!”

Participating in Lent, calls me to prayer, with fasting and more meditation in God’s Word. Being in silence, thinking, pondering, wrestling with my conviction and His truths…is building a strength in my soul and mind. Jesus is my Rock takes on a new meaning today. He is in an unbreakable covenant with me. I know He’s not deaf - but I also know that He can be silent…for my good!

So I desire to grow in trusting His silence. It's interesting how He speaks to me daily in so many different ways. But I'm grateful for His Living Word. Sometimes I feel like I'm "just reading about Him" daily in His Word. But even in times like this, I sense His the silence.


WOWZAH GOD! I love You and thank You for Your silence! Thank You for your grace to help me to trust You - when I’m impatiently wanting answers or direction in “my way, in my time.” Shhhhhh…it’s so soothing…! To know You in Your silent strength! I LOVE YOU!

Devotions for February 26

Numbers 19,20
Psalms 28
Mark 5

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