Love & Grace

John Tilton


Philemon Verse 8-9

Therefore, although in Christ I could be bold and order you to do what you ought to do,yet I prefer to appeal to youon the basis of love.


Paul was reaching out to Philemon to assist with Onesimus.Although Paul’s relationship with Philemon gave Paul the authority to assert his authority in his request, Paul made his request with earnest love, rather than authority.


These two verses are a great reminder that love and grace goes so much further in relationship, requests, and directives.I can’t help but think of Pastor Wayne Cordeiro, our senior pastor.I can’t ever remember he telling me what to do in relationship to ministry and work; but rather always graciously asking if I “could help him,” “if I would consider,” “what I may want to do,” and often adding “please feel free to say no.”Now, that’s coming from our senior pastor and boss, in his leadership and directives.

Love and grace indeed to affirm relationships, working and ministry situations, and personal relationships.It helps to disarm people who may anticipate a strong or authoritative approach, and puts people at ease.People will see it in our words, countenance, and actions.


Dear Lord, when I have the propensity to be strong and assertive, please check my spirit and guide me to extend love and grace through my words and actions.

Devotions for July 03

Isaiah 6,7
2 Chronicles 26,27

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