The IDOL of Greed in me

Rod Shimabukuro


For they provoked him to anger with their high places; they moved him to jealousy with their idols. When God heard, he was full of wrath, and he utterly rejected Israel. Psalm 78:58-59


Asaph weaves the comparisons between God’s character and His people’s. God is faithful providing protection, provision for His rebellious children - seen throughout Psalm 78! But Asaph also writes of God’s response when He is provoked. It seems His faithfulness wears thin when His very own kids violate His character.


I feel bad when I reject my kids. WHAT? Me - a spiritual leader, pastor, God fearing man having parental issues with his kids? And I’ll tell wife’s emotional umbilical cords as their mom complicates my emotions and responses at times! :)

I just cannot imagine when I give my Daddy God, parental issues because of my insidious ways. My inner character flaws probably make God frown. I bet He expects “more of me” as a “mature son of God!?” Like I expect my kids to make good choices, act a certain way... at this point in their lives - I know God feels the same of me.

One area I need more detaching from is this inner desire to “have or accomplish” according to my selfishness. Comfortable living is not wrong, but there’s something in me not right when it comes to my inner motives to WANT TO LIVE COMFORTABLY. I’m tired of being possessed by an inner desire of wanting more...! I feel like I’m dealing with the Idol of Greed in Me!

Be content Rod, with your little gas saving Yaris. etc, etc... and etc...etc...!


Oh God! I repent - once again - for my childish greed. For coveting when I should be content. Help me to make You my treasure on earth, as it is in heaven! I’m super grateful for Your faithful provision, protection upon my ilife, Beckie and Kai, Koa, Malia!

Devotions for May 18

1 Kings 3
2 Chronicles 1
Psalms 78
2 Thessalonians 2

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