Surrender or Strike when I Suffer?

Rod Shimabukuro


Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. - 1 Peter 3:8


Peter knows what it's like, first hand, to take vengeance chopping off an ear, divided mind - denying Jesus. With references to suffering as Christian's, he calls God's people to a manner of character and conduct that will represent Christ.

By the Holy Spirit and I'm sure with experience and a growing maturity - he pens these powerful words in v. 8.


Just about everything within me opposes thinking and living the way I'm called to in V. 8. Especially when I suffer, get hurt, feel offended, used ... Not heard, understood ... And the list always goes on. So sad Rod!

I'm ticked off to put it nicely with the way things are turning out for some marriages, families, relationships .... Because of horrible judgment and decisions being made. Enough said!!!!!

But today my heart and mind is convicted to surrender my anger, frustration, tiredness of people's crappy character... To Jesus! I'd rather strike and lash out, than choose to surrender.

I too must look in the mirror of this Word and see the filth of my flesh and receive the grace of Jesus, to live out Peter's instruction in V. 8!


Help me to live in You, from You, for You... To represent Your Word, heart and life to the body of Christ and the world around me. I love You - Daddie, Jesus and Spirit!

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Isaiah 40,41,42
1 Peter 3

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