Kings & Queens In The Making

Jon Burgess


But now your kingdom will not endure; theLordhas sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him ruler of his people, because you have not kept theLord’s command.

1 Samuel 13:14


It would be another 20 years before Saul was no longer on the throne of Israel. This was the beginning of the end for Saul and the beginning of the beginning for David. The interesting reality of this prophetic word is that David was really young when God declared him the next king. Saul was 30 when anointed King. David was 15 when anointed King by Samuel. While David was just a young boy seeking God, a Mighty God was seeking him. Before the prophet Samuel even knew who the next king was God had already chosen him. While David assumed tending sheep and writing songs to God was his future, God was already calling him a future king. Before David was ever anointed by Samuel as King or appointed by the people as King he was approved by God as King! Why David? Because before he was King and after he was king David's heart was always seeking after God's heart! The focus of his attention and affection on God as a young man set him apart for greater things then He could possbily have imagined.


Right now there are young men and women who are toiling away at school, resisting the peer pressure of their friends, and seeking God's heart who have no idea what God has already apointed them to do. All they see is what is right in front of them. God sees they will be put in positions of authority, influence and leadership even while still so young. Why them? Because before anyone notices them they are noticing Him! They are learning to follow the voice of God and hiding the Word of God in their hearts. They are finding places to serve and are staying faithful in their walk with God! While the rest of their generation seeks to be seen they are seeking to see Him! They need Samuels in their lives to tell them they are approved, anointed and apointed by God. They need leaders in their lives to remind them that the choices they are making now will impact everything they will do in the future. Our young men and women need to be encouraged to find intimacy with God in new songs, prayers, writing and creativity as this will keep their hearts connected to Christ through the difficult journey ahead. These are kings and queens in the making and we must call them out of hiding and into their anointing!


Jesus, as I sent my five boys off to school this morning I couldn't help but think about all the pressures they are facing at school to cave to the moral slide of our culture. I remember what it was like to be their age and to not be able to see much beyond the weekend. Help me and your leaders to call out in them what You see in them! Help us to model and move them towards a deepening intimacy with You. They have been set apart to be after Your heart and I must do the same if I am to lead them forward in You!

Devotions for April 12

1 Samuel 13
1 Chronicles 2,3
2 Corinthians 12

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