A Recognizable Difference

Calvin Kochi


We tend to look at a persons credentials, or by the skills and abilities that make them exceptional. Yet the Lord takes ordinary people and even those without the best of education, and uses then in ways that is totally amazing. But there is something special about these two men that separates them from even the ordinary person.


The elders and priests recognized that Peter and John had been spending time with Jesus, which may have played a part of why they were so exceptional. But spending time with Jesus alone is not what makes the exceptional. What these elders and priest may not of seen was the relationship that they had with Jesus and the challenges that they went through with Jesus. They had faiths that were faced with difficult times and opposition from so many people even among the best of friends. It is those obstacles that Jesus challenged them with and they never gave up. If I want to be some that other s can recognize, it will take more than spending time with Jesus, but how I allow the Lord to help me navigate through the times that I would allow my flesh to lead me and not allow the Lord to direct me.


Thank you for the lessons that we can learn from thse like Peter and John who lived by example, and reflected in a way that was recognized by others.


Devotions for January 28

Exodus 21,22
Psalms 12
Acts 4

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