Don't Do It

Calvin Kochi


13Let us behave properly as in the day, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual promiscuity and sensuality, not in strife and jealousy. 14But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts. Romans 13:13-14


This is a good reminder and warning to make sure that I am behaving properly. We are in a world that allows people to walk in whatever way they want to. We even change laws that allow for right for groups of people who feel that their rights are being violated. This verse challenges us to remember that we can allow Jesus to live inside of us, so that we will not give in to our fleshly desires.


As followers of Christ there is a proper behavior that we must live by. We behave one way in church and act another way at work or at home. When it comes to how we live outside of church its as if we forget to realize that people are watching our actions. We may not be living in sexual promiscuity or drunkenness, but we do deal with strife and jealousy. Putting on Christ like thoughts and actions are so important. It helps me to put away my own world and fleshly desires of want thing done my way. Putting on Christ also helps me to celebrate the successes of others. It is so easy to want all the accolades and attention for things that I am doing. Am I will it put away my own personal desires?


Thank you for reminding me that people are watching and my actions represent you. I must be willing to put away my own fleshly and personal desires, and put on the person of Christ.

Devotions for June 01

Proverbs 19,20,21
Romans 13

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