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David, together with the commanders of the army, set apart some of the sons of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun for the ministry of prophesying, accompanied by harps, lyres and cymbals. Here is the list of the men who performed this service: 1 Chronicles 25:1


The capacity, and skill of David’s leadership organization, strategies, planning, communication and implementation - were beyond extraordinary! He is setting his son Solomon up for ultimate success, putting into place the required leadership, structure and ministries for the building of God’s Temple!

Application: I wouldn’t dare compare myself to David, let alone any great leader with these kinds of skills, gifting and calling. Oh…but sometimes I do, and I shouldn’t because it’s so dangerous for the soul and can affect the “way I lead” and the “heart through which I lead.” In other words…watch your motives and ambitions Rod!

The importance of Temple worship strikes me as a priority of God, through David’s instructions in chapter 25. David and his army commanders were involved in selecting and structuring the prophetic and worship ministers and teams. Interesting to me - army, warrior, battle commanders…involved in the worship ministry.

Application: Gifted and strategic leaders, should be involved and invested worshipers themselves. Not just tending to the “business and battle plans” of the church. While leadership is vital and necessary, worshippers are mandatory!

The Ministry of Prophesying was accompanied by music/musicians. This was no doubt a priority for David, the commanders and now prophetic and music leaders and teams who were assigned! The sons and relatives of Asaph, Jeduthun and Heman were trained and skilled (v.7) musicians, and were under authority for ministry (v.6).

Application: Prophetic and musical people can tend to possess qualities of “the me-I” syndrome. If they aren’t careful, God’s ministry can turn into “their” ministry. Self centered, self promoting, selfishness…can creep into the ministry in the church.

Skill, training is important. But character, humility, to be under authority, teachable…are all necessary ingredients of the heart! I want to keep learning, growing in the areas of teaching, shepherding, music, and not compromising character! Help Lord!

And remember…family (sons/relatives) were all involved in these various areas. Can you imagine the temptations of comparing, competition, critical opinions…? :)


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Father God, thank You for creating, gifting and molding me into the image of Your Son Jesus…one day at a time.

Dear Jesus, thank You for Your intercession, mediation - constant love and awareness, through the Spirit of God.

And Holy Spirit…You are my Guide, Conviction, Teacher, Helper…! I love You All!

Help me in all of these areas of my heart, motives, character…while doing, ministering, performing the tasks You’ve called me to…for Your glory!

Devotions for May 15

1 Chronicles 25,26,27
1 Thessalonians 4

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