A Legal Precursor

John Tilton


Galatians 3:19

Why, then, was the law given at all? It was added because of transgressions until the Seed to whom the promise referred had come.


This scripture gives us an insight as to how the law was to superseded by the coming and power of Jesus Christ and how the law interrelates with Jesus and the new covenant.


If the law was given by God, and we are called to obedience, why does Jesus and the new convenient take precedence? It was because it was and is a part of God’s master plan that sin had to and has to be atoned for. In the Old Testament, the atonement was to be made with punishment and animal sacrifices. However, Jesus’ sacrifice would be the ultimate, and therefore would supersede and prevail over the law with faith and grace. Therefore, I am to be cognizant of the law to give me direction and guidance. However, due to the carnal ways of man, Jesus grace and forgiveness allows me to be free from the law even in my disobedience and failures.


Dear Jesus, thank you that you came that I may be saved from my carnal ways of failure. By the law I would be doomed. By your grace and blood, I am free.

Devotions for March 12

Deuteronomy 19,20,21
Galatians 3

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