Relaxed Obedience?

Rod Shimabukuro


Therefore, be very strong to keep and to do all that is written in the Book of the Law of Moses, turning aside from it neither to the right hand nor to the left, Joshua 23:6


Joshua’s life is closing in on him and he knows it, being old and well advanced in years. He gives a very strong command to the people he has led into the Promise land. It wasn’t a cake walk. There was a possessing to be lived out, fought for to occupy the land. It was given to them by God - to receive. But to continue “keeping and occupying the land” will still require...obedience to His word/law!


I tend to relax when a job is completed, when a task is accomplished, when a victory is won - but I am carefully warned in heart to rest but not relax in obedience. For me it means not letting my guard down. Not being so relaxed that I’m caught unaware and unguarded in heart and life.

Practically, I like to have fun and celebrate - especially with a team or family when we’ve completed a project or assignment. Bu in having FUN - I’ve often been misinterpreted as a leader - as being “too laxed or layer back.” I hate that feeling of being misinterpreted - but I understand. I just need to be strong in heart to not let criticism or misinterpreted views of others get to me. I do want to watch my INNER BEING - in having fun. I also want to be careful not to send a message of “entitlement” as if I deserve celebration. That’s another heart check thought.


Dear Spirit of God - again and again - You are soooooo good about speaking, guiding and correcting my heart - my inner man. I really want to be more like You - and please help me not to be deceived or deceive myself. Help me to be the kind of leader who knows how to celebrate in accomplishment with Your glory in mind! And to lead with vigor and passion to fulfill Your purposes. Help me not to relax in being obedient to Your Word!

Devotions for March 26

Joshua 23,24
Psalms 44
1 Corinthians 11

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