Wholehearted Service

John Tilton


Leviticus 22:9 “The priests are to perform my service in such a way that they do not become guilty and die for treating it with contempt. I am the Lord, who makes them holy.


The Lord directed Moses in the way of the priests that they would perform their service to the Lord in such a way that would not be construed as treating their responsibility with contempt, which means disdain, dislike, disrespect or disapproval. The Lord goes on to say that the call from the Lord and appointment is a holy one. Therefore if a priest did not honor his call, appointment and responsibilities with commitment, respect and wholeheartedness, they would be guilty and be doomed to death.


Our calling, whether we are full-time ministers who are called, licensed and employed as ministers; or if we are lay ministers called by God to serve Him, the calling and service to our Lord Jesus Christ should be done with a whole heart, honoring the call on our life. There may be times when the challenges of life, people and situations will distract and frustrate us, where we lose sight of the call to serve the Lord with all of our hearts. We may become disillusioned and disgruntled with the situations that may in turn our mind from the honor in being called to serve the one and only King.


Dear Lord, I am honored to be called to serve you in full-time ministry, may I always remember that honor, even when life’s challenges get in the way. May I always remember your hand and call on my life.

Devotions for February 13

Leviticus 20,21,22
Acts 20

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