Because of who You are, I walk in You!

Rod Shimabukuro


Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, Colossians 2:6


WOW - I just got struck by a simply, deep, profound, life changing revelation!!!! When Paul writes, “Therefore” he is gearing his audience up to reference EVERYTHING he has previously wrote to them. I believe this include who Jesus is in all of chapter 1! Everything I read about Jesus in ch. 1 is the Jesus I received, believed with my heart and life!

When Paul says her in Col 2:6… as you received Christ, he’s not referring to me having just prayed a salvation prayer. The receiving includes a prayer that gives my life away. Like Paul writes about in Col 3. If you died your life is hidden with Christ in God! So I am awestruck by this JESUS I have received to be my LORD! This is serious stuff. Re-reading the Jesus ch. 1 speaks of - I must be deeply and fully sensitive to WHO I now belong to!


So often I focus on the action I’m required to take to live out my faith - in this case (Col 2:6)… SO WALK IN HIM.

But I am soooooo relieved that my walking in Him is made easy and victorious, knowing WHO HE IS, WHO I’ve become by receiving the Lord Christ!

Everything about WHO JESUS IS as Lord of my life, makes walking in Him so satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable! I guess my focus today, will be more on Jesus and Who He is - Therefore…. I can walk in Him!


I’m madly, deeply in love with You! Thank you for allowing me to believe and live under Your Lordship!

Devotions for December 07

Colossians 1,2,3,4

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