God Provides Thru Partnership with Others

John Tilton


Luke 9:3-5

He told them:“Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt.4Whatever house you enter, stay there until you leave that town.5If people do not welcome you, leave their town and shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them.”


I’ve read these scriptures a number of times over the years, and at face value, Jesus seems to be directing them to go out as themselves; and without worrying about provision. Jesus’ words insinuate that people will be prone to providing provisionally; yet cautioning them that some will not be welcoming. Although not stated, Jesus by reason of confirming that they need not take provision, is affirming that people will be willing to participate in their needs, in a way of partnering in their cause. There is also a underlying point in telling the disciples not to be caught up with themselves, their needs, and their appearance; something that typically when commencing on a long journey, anyone would normally be concerned about, and planning for.


These are such great insights for me. I am an “A” type that always feels compelled to plan, organize and detail things out, especially trips or journeys. Sometimes, I now recount where I tend to focus much more on the planning of provision, rather than setting up and preparing to esecute the blue print for the vision; some call it getting caught up in the related details. Not to say that planning and provision is not necessary, but that these should not take precedence over the vison and assignment.

Another point for me is that I need not be focused on doing everything provisionally and execution wise on my own; but rather be sensitive to and on the lookout for those that God will bring my way to partner. Furthermore, if I come across those that could help, but find out they are reticent to do so; then “let it go, let it go ...” and move on without getting bothered or demoralized because they didn’t live up to or fulfill my expectations.

Thirdly, I cannot be focusing in on how I appear, how well I will do, or as a typical worry wart, concerned with how bad I might do; but rather, just be me, doing what I can do to the best of my ability. In the recent movie, “The Greatest Showman,” there is a song “This Is Me,” that says it all in just being who you are, who you are meant to be, and that, here you come.


Dear Lord, please thank you for giving me such wonderful insights into how you call us into fulfilling your plan and will; with the right focus away from ourselves, the priorities, planning, preparation and mindset.

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Genesis 23,24
Luke 9

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