Tim Savage


On my way in to work this morning, after dropping my newly graduated daughter at work, I tried to listen to today’s reading on my phone through the New Hope smartphone app. The last couple of weeks my phone has been acting up a little and it has taken a while for the voice to start reading (usually, it’s immediate). This morning, once again, silence. A couple of minutes pass – nothing. Another couple of minutes – crickets. After about 5 minutes of silence in the car, which is very unusual, I realize that maybe today’s lesson was about being quiet. There are several things that I have lifted up to God but haven’t yet gotten an answer to – he’s been quiet on those things. Silence can be unnerving. The stillness can be deafening. But there’s something about being still that had me feeling more in tune with Him than I had been in a while.

Then I began to think about all of those people that I needed to pray for: those that are going through so much more than me or my family, those that are facing real pain and suffering, friends that have lost family members or have illness or physical conditions.


The silence forced me to think deeply about something other than myself. My day is often filled from the time I wake up til the time my head hits the pillow. I’m often consumed and physically drained by the amount of responsibilities and task. I don’t mind because I like having significant purpose in my life, but the consequence too often is that I don’t spend any quiet time with the Lord and I don’t allow myself time to really pray for those that need it more than me. I am thankful for the forced silence this morning; I really believe that this lesson was as important as anything I would have pulled from the reading. Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God…”


Dear Heavenly Father,

Your timing is perfect and I will (try to) wait patiently for your answers. Thank You for the quiet time this morning. Please lay Your hand of healing and comfort on those that need You most today.

In Jesus name,


Devotions for June 19

2 Kings 1,2,3
Psalms 82
1 Timothy 1

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