Allowing The Gospels Affect Me

Richard Waialeale


4 Then I heard another voice from heaven say: "Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues...


I remember reading in a commentary that says we areinthe world but notofthis world. If I am called to point the way and to clear the path, I’ll need God’s wisdom to balance when to let go of the worlds way, but yet refusing to let them go without the Gospels. One of the greatest challenges I face is compromising my faith to fall into the hands of the way of this world. I’m in a season of counseling men that have fallen prey to the ways of this world because it appears easier to live in rather then letting Jesus take control and guide you through the storms of life. Control seems to be the issue.


In a husband and wife situation, it’s difficult for a husband to think he must submit to Jesus and love, think and feel as Jesus would. Instead I often fall back to my old self, the sinful nature, and the flesh starts to lead and I lose sight of Christ and being like Him. I start to smell like the flesh and even look like the ways of this world.

I must think through my situation and love like Jesus loves. Think like Jesus would think and feel as Jesus would feel. If I really want to be like Jesus, I must do as He would do. It can be done, I just need to be intentional about it.


Lord whenever I fall prey to the ways of this world and I struggle with the control issue. Kick me in the pants Lord so I wake up and bend back to becoming more like You and not of this world. It takes a lot for me to realize this but my heart is to be Christ like. Thank you for your Word today - In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen.


Devotions for December 30

Revelation 15,16,17,18

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