Flesh weak. Spirit strong…in me!

Rod Shimabukuro


But he said emphatically, “If I must die with you, I will not deny you.” And they all said the same. Mark 14:31


This is a very strong commitment by Peter to the Son of God. I’m sure Peter meant what he said or at least his intentions seemed good. I personally don’t think that Jesus’ statement of the disciples that they will all fall away was a threat of their relationship with God. It seems more of a statement that shows how weak the flesh is. That even with great, godly intentions the spirit may be willing, but the flesh oh so weak.


How many emphatic statements have I declared to God form my heart. Maybe not with words before others, but heart promises with godly intentions to follow through. More and more, I’m realizing how weak and prone my carnal, sinful flesh is. Even knowing Christ, my hearts intentions can be godly, but God’s heart is for us to fully depend on Him - I mean fully! There are times that we are talked a surrendered to Jesus talk - but we fail God’s perfect plan when there’s a hint of “I can do this” attitude. I’ve got to be careful of this “I got it or I can do this” attitude.


Spirit of my loving God! You are so strong in me! You are my strength and confidence! I can do all things through Your love, grace and strength - being content in knowing that my flesh is weak and His Spirit strong an strong in me!

Devotions for November 03

Job 25
Mark 13,14

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