A Worthy Vessel

John Tilton


Ezekiel 24:9-12

“‘Therefore this is what the Sovereign Lord says: “‘Woe to the city of bloodshed!
 I, too, will pile the wood high. So heap on the wood
and kindle the fire. 
Cook the meat well,
mixing in the spices;
and let the bones be charred. Then set the empty pot on the coals
till it becomes hot and its copper glows, 
so that its impurities may be melted
and its deposit burned away. It has frustrated all efforts;
its heavy deposit has not been removed,
not even by fire.


The Lord metaphorically compared Jerusalem to a pot that had so much deposits of residue attached to it, that even with the heat and flame of the fire with wood piled high, could not leans the pot of its residue of impurities. Furthermore, that the only recourse would be to set the pot or Jerusalem directly on the hot coals to be melted away.


It’s a great analogy that can depict our lives if we let sin and ways of the world continue to seep into our lives. The residue of sin and worldly desires become so attached to our lives that it can be difficult to rid ourselves of those impurities that bind us in sin and temptation. It is the fire of God’s word that hopefully will help us to burn away the impurities of sin in our lives that we may be cleaned and found worthy of the Lord to be used as a vessel for His goodness, will and plan. Our vessel then can be used by the Lord to prepare people for His Kingdom and Kingdom causes, rather then be a vessel that is melted down or thrown out.


Dear Lord, work in my life and allow the heat and fire of your Word to cleanse me and burn away the impurities in my life that I would be a worthy vessel for your purposes.

Devotions for September 04

Ezekiel 22,23,24
Revelation 9

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