Our end is not His

Rod Shimabukuro


Revelation1:8“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”


In the first 8 verses, John introduces the theme of Revelation. Through my studies, I would suggest the main theme in Revelation is the Person of Jesus, the work of God, through the Spirit of God. The apocalyptic them, return of Christ and establishment of a new heaven and earth are major emphases.

But for me, I feel like there’s so much focus on interpreting the signs and symbols, the times, calculating and calendaring the seasons and dates…that Christians (especially younger, less mature ones) can drift from the purpose of John’s writing and focus. Verse 8 concludes the prologue, which sets up the entire letter.

Verse 8 bridges the truth in John 1, back to Genesis 1 - JESUS WAS in the beginning and IS the beginning - and will be always as Omega, until the end (of our time and the time described in Revelation). But JESUS NEVER ENDS!


The living truth for me is that it’s ALL ABOUT JESUS! He was, is, is to come, will always be, will never end, although there is an “end” described in Revelation. Our end is not His. So I don’t want to focus just on “how and what and when” the return of Christ will be, the end will take place or the signs and symbols. I want to focus on the Person of Jesus - while learning about the “end times” I want Jesus to be the focus of ALL of my mind, heart, life.

The on going discovery of who He is as God, beginning, end, in between and all in all - is my hearts focus. There are so many people confused, disillusioned, disturbed about the signs of the times, thus being divided about “who Jesus is and His purposes.”


You are Almighty God Jesus! I love You, for who You are, and thank You for leading me this way. Not to be overly caught up with Your works, the end times, last days, signs and symbols…!

Help me to learn, grow, not be ignorant in this area - but thanks for being Almighty God in my heart and life. May I worship You no matter what. May I live with an urgency that pleases You! Thank You that my end, is not Yours - for You are the Alpha, Omega and Almighty God! I love You!

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