Being More Than Amazed

Calvin Kochi


Matthew 7:28-29

28When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, 29for he taught with real authority—quite unlike their teachers of religious law.



I think that we all read and hear the things that Jesus came to do, and can be amazed just like those back then. Then we read and get told about all the miracles, healings, and the demons fleeing as Jesus ministered to the thousands, and are more amazed.


The people who lived and saw all that Jesus said and did were amazed. But what did they with what they saw after being amazed. Some became follower, some though amazed doubted, and some left offended and angry. We to can be like the people that lived back then some become followers or other just being amazed, or doubtful, or even angry. It can be so easy to hear and exciting or inspirational message and that be the extent of what you do with it. We can be the best hearers of the word. Yet never take it past that. I must be willing to live a life that is not just amazed, but one that follows and lives some of what is taught, but all that is taught.


I know that it is impossible for me to live out all that you taught. If I say I have no sin the word is not in me, and then I would be lying. But just because something’s cannot be done doesn’t me I don’t keep trying. Lord help me to be one that will continue to be more like you and live it by actions.

Devotions for November 20

Matthew 5,6,7

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