Time Well Spent

Jeff Weinkauf

John 3:22 22After this, Jesus and his disciples went out into the Judean countryside, where he spent some time with them, and baptized. 
This week we had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Jim Burns of the Home Word Center for Youth and Family. In one of Jim’s times with us, he shared about a seemingly uneventful scripture (Luke 6:12) that pointed in part to how Jesus valued time spent in relationship (with the Father, and then his friends). Today’s scripture reminded me of that again. I think I have developed over the years a picture of Jesus that needs to be adjusted. I have Him on the side of just “doing” ministry. And because scripture shares many highlights, but not always the details of each day it’s easy to miss out on the fact that Jesus and his friends not only did ministry together, they did LIFE together. They “went out in the…countryside, where he spent some time with them…”. While scripture is silent on what went on, I can imagine from what I know of God’s character that it must have been fun. I believe he laughed, encouraged, challenged, did all of the things that fill people’s tanks. Then…they did ministry together. 
Relationships are so very important. We are built to relate, which is our platform for connecting people to Jesus. 
Jesus, please help me to be more like you. Please help me to value those around me and take time for building strong friendships. Amen. 

Devotions for August 01

Isaiah 65,66
Psalms 62
John 3

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