If You go, Iíll go

Rod Shimabukuro


And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” And he said to him, “If your presence will not go with me, do not bring us up from here. Exodus 33:14-15


I just can’t imagine being in Moses’ position, having to fulfill such a Massive assignment. Leading God’s rebellious, stiff-necked people, with weak priestly leadership, which led to idolatry (creating a calf) knowing that their leader Moses was speaking to God, receiving instructions to bring back to the people.

For one, God gives grace to continue leading His people. There was correction for violating God, but He continues to have mercy upon His people. Moses is one who also continues in willingness to obey God. But Moses’ request in one that all Christians today should have. The heart of contrition and dependence. If Your presence will not go with me, I don’t want to go. Rod paraphrase :)


If You go, I’ll go! In other words, like Moses, my heart says to God - I don’t want to go anywhere, do anything without God’s favor and presence. I wonder how often I start my day ”doing, thinking, planning, texting, emailing, calling...“ but God’s not leading or going that way? I say thanks for a new day, even read my Bible - but I seem to have a stronger inner agenda to ”do my thing“ or what is already scheduled.

I guess I’m being pressed to a deeper sensitivity to really, really, really ask God.... to help my heart to be contrite and dependent upon Him - and not my own plans and ways. I hear the Lord saying...
”Wait Rod - wait a little longer, be a little more patient in time spent with Me. I want your full - I mean full attention. Give me your plans, the details of your day, the intentions of your heart, the dreams and pursuits of your will...“


Dear Father, Jesus and Spirit of God!
Help. I’m so in a rush. To do, to go - to even do and go for the things of Your Kingdom. But Lord, help me to obey Your whispers to me today. To wait, be patient, slow down in mind and heart - to give you every part of me. Help me to spend more time really thinking more deeply about You!

Devotions for February 02

Exodus 33,34
Psalms 16
Acts 9

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