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Calvin Kochi


18“Of what value is an idol carved by a craftsman?
Or an image that teaches lies? 
For the one who makes it trusts in his own creation;
he makes idols that cannot speak.

19 Woe to him who says to wood, ‘Come to life!’
Or to lifeless stone, ‘Wake up!’
Can it give guidance?
It is covered with gold and silver;
there is no breath in it. Habakkuk 2:18-19


As Christians we would quickly say that we don’t believe in wooden images or would even think of carving it ourselves. To even think that we would even try to talk to craved image sounds scary. Yet if we look hard enough we can find craven images that we have made that become our gods


We would probably never buy an wooden images, much less make one, but we do tend to place things or people before God. We can place a higher value or a greater significance on thing or people making them idols before our relationship with God. We live in a world that places value on possessions and we as Christians get caught up in it like anybody else the hard part is we hate to admit it. I know that from time to time I find my self caught up in my craven images. Like a few months ago I was into craigslist everyday checking craiglist for good deals. What is sad I really didn’t need anything but going tothat site consumed me. I an reminded to make sure I take the time to inventory my life to look for hidden craved images that I place to much value on.


Thank you for reminding me where my priorities need to be and not give in to craved images that I can create in my life.

Devotions for August 06

Habakkuk 1,2,3
John 8

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