Rod Shimabukuro


You are my hiding place; Psalm 32:7a


The lessons from this Psalm are many. The condition of sin; it’s guilt, heaviness, repercussions is contrasted with the faithful, loving preserving forgiveness of God.

The sorrows of wickedness is opposite of God’s unfailing love. David concludes his song with praise and rejoicing - for who wouldn’t erupt with heartfelt gratitude, for the kind of deliverance he experienced!?!

The covering, protective love of God…what a beautiful experience - especially when you are dealing with enemies, trouble…inside (the heart/soul) and outward (trouble, persecution, enemies…).


I love Sunday’s and of course celebrating Mother’s Day is a huge part of my day. I’m always so very refreshed and filled and fulfilled being with the family of God on Sunday’s.

Today and everyday…I experience the breathtaking love, grace and presence of God! Especially when I think about how wretched our society, including my soul can be. But He is, has been, will always be my Hiding Place. He is not a destination - He is the always my present place.

His abiding presence is my present and continuos Hiding Place where I feel so refreshed, fulfilled and full… It’s hard to describe.


Thank you Lord…in the busyness of life, the depravity of my own soul…that I don’t have to wait for a day off, down time or a time to eat my favorite food to get my fill.

Thank You Spirit of God for constantly leading me to be & live in my Hiding Place God…throughout the day. I love You and thank you for being so present, so real, so gracious and loving. For being my Hiding Place!

Devotions for May 08

2 Samuel 15,16
Psalms 32
Matthew 25

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