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Psalm 33:11 But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations…15 He who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do.


I was riveted by the greatness of God in this Psalm. His character and attributes as Creator, God as Ruler…as OMNI-EVERYTHING – caught my heart and minds attention!

Commentators refer to this Psalm as a Hymn of Praise. No doubt the Psalmists theme is written and sung from the perspective of placing a confident hope, secured trust in the faithfulness of God’s love. As if to have a “God is GOD and He will have His way” kind of conviction!

Verses 6-17 includes descriptions of God’s great nature, attributes and actions. Who He is as God; His purposes, plans ultimately over rule man’s. He is infinite – man is not. He is powerful – man is not.

In Verses 18-22, the Psalmist instructs the people to express hope, rejoicing and trust in God, fearing HIs name.

Verse 11 and 15 speaks of God’s considerate, purposeful heart for all generations. I believe it is His desire and will for people to know and trust Him, so everyone would live in the meaningful and firm plans and purposes of God,


Words can describe God – even as the Psalmist penned a song (ch.33) attributing to God praise. I just feel like my words seem to fall waaaaayyyyy short of giving God all the praise He deserves!

To put it directly and simply; I’m called to place my hope in God – to trust Him with my life (everything about my life!!!) and to fear Him.

To Fear God is for me to have and cultivate a hunger so deep and intimate. To know, revere and adore God with praise from my heart and on my lips. And to develop a pure and healthy Godly fear in my heart.

I’d like to continue studying, reading, re-reading, meditating on…Psalm 33. I’d like to begin memorizing this chapter too! I know it would be worth it!


God – help me to hide this Word in my heart…to fulfill the life lessons above. I would really like to overcome some of my internal worries, challenges, issues 🙂 Thank You Jesus and Spirit of God!

Devotions for June 05

Proverbs 30,31
Psalms 33
Ephesians 1

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