How do I live this out?

Rod Shimabukuro


Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went. Acts 8:4


Christ followers in Jerusalem were scattering because of great persecution, specifically against the church.

The apostles remained in Jerusalem, steadfast, courageous, while Christ followers were basically going underground, not in faith but in protecting their lives.

There's an emphasis on "godly men" burying Stephen, who had been publicly stoned to death.

Saul was destroying the church, going house to house of Christians meeting in homes.

Mens and women were being imprisoned for their faith in Jesus.

Luke's writing underscores turmoil and the reaction of Christians. The apostles, disciples, men and women, etc. The tone of his message to me, is the courage of faith in Jesus in the face of death. Men and women, the godly, the apostles...were examples of bravery as believers in Christ. Although being scattered, in attempts to protect their's and their families lives, they continued to preach the gospel.


I hope and pray that I would have the kind of faith, courage, boldness in my relationship with Jesus, in the presence of torture, death.

I desire to be faithful to live in, live for and live out the Gospel. Whether life is good, favorable, difficult or life threatening.

I sit here at a coffee shop, with 14 others on a large community table. My noise cancellation earphones working to help eliminate outside commotion. I'm "doing my devotions." Sitting across a formidable artist, next to someone studying human anatomy, young adults with long and short hair, some with body piercings and tattoos, a variety of dress wear, college students, professionals...

I sit here silent, prayerful, pondering my convictions of what this Gospel life should look and live like - through me!?


Dear Yahweh, God of the universe and all creation. I'm stunned and awestruck of who You are. Yet unsettled in who I am - as to how to live out my practical and meaningful, Christ exalting and glorifying ways. Help. Help me again. Thank you for Your patience and grace again, in working in, alongside and through me. May obedience to Your voice be my voice to preach the Gospel to everyone, everywhere.

Devotions for October 18

Job 3,4
Acts 8,9

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