Who knows what’s best for you?

Rod Shimabukuro


Isaiah 48:17 This is what the Lord says—your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.


In spite of the people’s obstinance, rebellion and disobedience, the Holy One of Israel continues to pursue His children. God continues to reveal Himself as a Redeemer, one who is loving, who’s forgiveness and faithfulness extends past His children’s ability. In just one sentence, Isaiah pen’s the Gospel message.

1. ”This is what The Lord says“ - Reminds us that God is the Lord. The Lord speaks life, teaches, directs.

2. ”Redeemer“ - God loved Israel in the state of sin and rebellion, and still chose to take action first, to ”redeem“ His people, to save them from themselves.

3. ”Holy One of Israel“ - Reminds us that God is Holy. In context of Israel’s self sufficiency, remember that God is a Holy, Just, Righteous God.

4. ”I am the Lord your God“ - Isaiah indicates that personal intimacy of God’s Lordship. He takes ownership of His relationship with His sinful children.


I find myself feeling, thinking and living like ”I know what’s best for me.“ But the great reality of me knowing God is that He initiates, pursues relationship with me. He teaches me what is best for me and guides me, knowing that I tend to disobey, not listen, turn my ears from His voice.

Another takeaway is that I want to be used of God to communicate this word, to make stronger disciples. I want to teach and impart the truths of who God is and help people understand the nature and person of our Holy and Personal God. I want to gel people understand that life is fulfilling in knowing, following and obeying this God - who knows what’s best for us!


Dear Holy, Lord, Redeemer, God! I definitely want to grow in trust in who You are and how you are leading me, my family. You oversee every part of our lives. I ask for You favor to study, prepare and teach these truths - to make strong disciples who know and live for You with all their hearts! I love You!!!!

Devotions for July 26

Isaiah 46,47,48,49
1 Peter 5

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