Dude, everyone sees it, why can't you?

Pat McFall


“For he perceived that it was out of envy that the chief priests had delivered him up.” Mark 15:10


Jesus is now in the custody of the Roman guard. He was dragged through an illegal court throughout the night, condemned by hired witness who couldn't even get their story straight and given to Pilate so as not to feel responsible for murdering an innocent man. Jesus stays silent when accused. Sometimes silence is the only answer to people already convinced of their created reality. And even Pilate knew that this wasn't right. He ‘perceived’ (ginosko). He was aware. It’s a perception based on experience and a definitive conclusion based on that experience. He knew clearly that Jesus was being accused because of their own envy (phthonos = Jealousy; spite). They wanted Jesus’ influence but lacked His authority and compassion. It was this authority which commanded power but it was his compassion that won over hearts. This was clear to everyone. Everyone seemed to see the true motive of the chief priests. Even the pagan government official is discerning enough. Dude, everybody sees it, why can’t you?


There are some glaringly apparent flaws in my character that I refuse to acknowledge. When I am fighting with my wife and I refuse to see her side but instead appeal to my ‘right’ as a husband to be right. She sees it, I see it, everyone who matters sees what’s really going on but I just keep right on doing what I’m doing. It was so clear to people that the religious leaders were envious, that they were jealous and confused. That they had to maintain control of their own power and reputations even at the expense of an innocent man. I then logically have to ask myself the question, “What cost am I willing to pay in order to keep from acknowledging my own sin and weakness?” Am I willing to give up my wife and kids so that I can feel right? Am I wiling to risk my influence and character for the sake of doing more. The correct answer is ‘no’ but that is not often the story that we hear when the dust settles after the collapse of a leader.


Jesus, I am probably more Pharisee than I would like to admit. There are things that seem too hard to acknowledge in my life and ‘rights’ that I feel like I deserve. But none of that matters if I miss your heart. If I miss the heart of my wife and kids. Oh, God how I need you. Oh, how I am so desperate for your presence. Everyone in Heaven sees it, help me to see it too.

Devotions for March 08

Deuteronomy 7,8,9
Mark 15

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