Sharing Burdens

Jon Burgess


Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ. Galatians 6:5


What an odd thing to share. Why would I want to share my burdens with someone? They have enough on their plate to deal with. They dont need me adding to the weight right? Why would I want someone to share their burdens? Who has time to deal with someone else's problems right? Yet, this is exactly what we are commanded to do. Sharing Burdens and Carrying Burdens. This fulfills the law of Christ- to love the Lord Your God and your neighbor as yourself. I can say I love someone but if I'm not willing to carry their burdens with them then it's just not true. It's a relationship out of convenience rather then Christ's love. Implicit in this command that if I love the people in my life I will not try to carry teh burden alone. It's usually pride that keeps me from sharing a burden and it's pride that keeps me from carrying a burden.


The only way to fulfill the law of Christ is in the context of community. No surfacy smiles. No fake faces. No throw-away responses like, "I'll pray for you", and then we never do. No false front statements like, "I'm fine. It's all good" when we know very well we are dying inside.

So, I'm walking out the power of this command right now and I'm going to share my burden with you. Please let me know if you are carrying it with me.

I found out this morning that my Dad (I call him Pop), Neal Burgess, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The report just came back today but we're pretty sure he will have to have his prostate removed. The doctors are now seeking to discover if it spread to the lymph nodes or bone marrow. My parents shared this burden with me and I carry it with them to the Cross where there is healing and wholeness and provision for all we need. I know the "Big C" of Christ crushes the small "c" of cancer. It's in Christ I put my hope. I cherish your prayers.

Galatians 6:5 is two-way road. I've shared my burden so you can help me carry it. Now, you need to do the same. Let me know what burden you are carrying so I can carry it to the Cross with you in prayer. This is what love looks like. We don't have to carry it alone.


So, I just want to thank You Jesus for this scripture today and for all the family and friends who are all already carrying this burden for Pop in prayer. This is where the rubber meets the road in our faith. We either believe that what You say is true or we've just been listening to a bed time story that only comforts when everything is comfortable. Your Word is sure and Your love is true and the power of Your Holy Spirit is touching Pop's body right now in Your Mighty Name Jesus. I cast my cares on You for You care for me. So that, even while I'm carrying the burden of others You are carrying me!

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Deuteronomy 28,29
Galatians 6

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