A bloody, smelly, messy ordination

Rod Shimabukuro


22 Then presented the other ram, the ram of ordination, and Aaron and his sons laid their hands on the head of the ram. ----- 29 And Moses took the breast and waved it for a wave offering before the Lord. It was Moses' portion of the ram of ordination, as the Lord commanded Moses. Leviticus 8:22-29


Moses was commanded by the Lord to consecrate Aaron and his sons as priests, before the congregation. The sacrificial tone suggests ritualism, or a form of religious duty. The performance of sacrifices and details of each instruction God gave to Moses, seemed “overboard” for an ordination service. It seems like a bloody, smelly and messy ordeal as Aaron and his sons even held organs of the ram in their hands!

But it was more than a service - more than a religious ceremony. The depth of symbolism implies that a very holy and serious God, requires serious, careful and holy attention when involving ordination and consecration of spiritual leadership.


Spiritual leadership is serious! The prerequisites to represent God as His priest, pastor and spiritual leader, reveals God’s holy mindset and expectations.

Today, preparation for ministerial or spiritual leadership and service comes in many forms, through a variety of topics and classes. For me, I’m asking my own heart: “What is God requiring of me to prepare that I may serve, shepherd and lead well?” Preparation should not end when acquiring a degree, position or title. My heart is filled with conviction to know the Word. Yet I battle with the tensions to develop ministry plans, strategies, program and prepare for services, build relationships, help-counsel-guide others...and the list goes on.

• Ordination by God is holy. Ordination by man is performance recognized.
• Ordination by God is a calling to faithfulness. By man it’s by recognition of faithful service.
• Ordination by God calls me to know the Word. Ordination by man calls me to know people.

There’s certainly a balance in it all. There never seems to be clear lines of the calling and fulfilling the call. But this I know - God is holy and He has called and anointed me to His service.


Lord, Help me to know, believe and walk in Your holy calling. Help me not to be performance, man-pleasing, accolades, accomplishment driven. Holy Spirit, please - please - please... fill me, lead me, live and lead through me! I am wholly Yours!

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Leviticus 7,8,9
Acts 15

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