Telling Stories

Pat McFall


"we will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about His power to His Mighty wonders." Psalm 78: 4


Asaph begins this psalm with a promise to tell the next generation about the goodness of God. He doesn't want the next generation to not know the God of their ancestors. He even talks about telling stories past down from fathers B mothers before him.The reason, he writes, is so that each generation can set their hope a new (vs. 4), on God. He wants the chance for the young ones to encounter the goodness and glory of Yahweh. He doesn't want the next generation to Miss out on the stories That have been passed down and the truth That is contained within those stories.


I think that this is why it's so important to share our faith stay with young people. They won't necessarily figure it out on Their own. That means that The responsibility is on us (the older generation) to tell them.I can't expect Jaden, Mia or Elias to just 'know', to absorb by osmosis why we do what we do as a family of faith. I need to reclaim places where we would share stories and wisdom. That might mean unplugging the TV or asking questions in the car. Maybe we will do a family retreat. Whatever we decide, we must help our kids know the goodness of God, we must create spaces for them to encounter it in a way That they can own.


God help me to not be passive in sharing the testimony of my own life with my kids and with the next generation of young people. I don't want to assume what they do or do not know, I just want to see that they have a chance to encounter the transforming power of your love without having to be shackled by the slavery so easily found in our culture. Jesus send a Youth Revival to Hawaii!

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1 Kings 2
1 Chronicles 29
Psalms 95
2 Thessalonians 1

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