How’s Your Spiritual Resistance?

Rod Shimabukuro


And the LORD relented from the disaster that he had spoken of bringing on his people. Exodus 32:14


Moses was with God on Mt.Sinai, receiving instructions for life for the children of Israel. Aaron and the people assembled a golden Calf to worship. Celebrating this idol they constructed, God was raging in anger with intent to destroy HIs people. But Moses interceded and God relented.

I see Moses as a picture of Jesus, who intervened and interceded (He still does!) - when His rebellious and evil children disobey God the Father, His Word and the Spirit of conviction.


I make some pretty foolish choices. Especially what I allow to linger in my mind and heart. I’m finding that my inner life is where I build monuments of idolatry. They don’t look like a calf or statue but the image of self righteousness, pride, my fleshy desires can grow to become idols that occupy my inner life.

How do I NOT get to the place of setting up idols? I know that I need to call them out - name them. Then bring these inner thoughts, motives, desires to the Lord, repent and ask Jesus to be Lord over these areas. I must ask if there is anything triggering these inner, sinful thoughts, desires in my heart. Sometimes I find that some of my evil intent, sinful desires are linked to or weakened by discouragement, challenges in other areas of life that weaken my spirit. Sometimes when I don’t get enough rest, not taking care of my wife, or health --- areas like these affect my spiritual resistance levels.


Dear Spirit of God.
Thank you for being the greatest spiritual cardiologists!!! You know all of my vulnerabilities, weaknesses and thank you for tending to my heart. Especially when my spiritual resistance is low. Please forgive me ALL MY SINS and I ask for discernment to quickly recognize when I’m tempted to start building idols in my heart.

Devotions for February 01

Exodus 30,31,32
Acts 8

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