My Movie Soapbox, Again

Tim Savage


15Tax collectors and other notorious sinners often came to listen to Jesus teach. 2This made the Pharisees and teachers of religious law complain that he was associating with such sinful people—even eating with them! Luke 15


I’m on my Christian movie soapbox again this morning. I’ve been in a few discussions over the past week about the movie, War Room. Now I have nothing against War Room, I think that it has its place in edifying the body of Christ. Believers will definitely leave with a renewed sense of passion to deepen their faith, but I think Christians need to additionally enthusiastically support films that share God’s love through stories that will appeal to a wider audience, an audience that may not go to church or even believe. I feel a strong calling to do projects that will draw non-Christians closer to God, to entertain, but also inspire and inform them about an all-powerful, all-knowing Savior that loves them more than they can imagine.


War Room set box office records, and rightfully so, but a really well done faith-based film like Captive, only got a short time in the theaters. I don’t fault believers for that, most people didn’t know anything about it, so filmmakers need to get the word out and believers need to come out in force to support it. Hollywood takes notice, even if begrudgingly, when movies do well at the box office. If people buy tickets to family-friendly, faith-based films then they’ll make more and if we don’t, they will happily go right back to making movies that teach our children morals with which we may not agree.


Dear Heavenly Father,

If it be Your will, please bless and anoint those making Christian, faith-based films. Lord, use these resources for Your kingdom. We want to speak the language of those that we are trying to reach, help us to understand how best to do that. Lord, we offer our gifts and talents up to You to use as You see fit.

In Jesus name,


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Zechariah 13,14
Psalms 147
Luke 15

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