Make Your Mark

Jon Burgess


Cornelius stared at him in fear. “What is it, Lord?” he asked. The angel answered, “Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God. Acts 10:4


Cornelius, this God-fearing Gentile Centurion soldier, was already making a mark on the world around him through prayers and generous action and he wasn't even a Christian yet! What is it that get's God's attention? According to this passage and others, when we are making a mark through God-sized prayers that lead God-sized giving, God makes a mark in His book in Heaven. Malachi 3:16 describes this book of remembrance, "Then those who feared the Lord spoke to each other, and the Lord listened to what they said. In his presence, a scroll of remembrance was written to record the names of those who feared him and always thought about the honor of his name." This whole chapter in Malachi 3 is in fact a challenge from God to His people to live like Cornelius did: constant and consistent conversation with our Creator leading to generous provision and giving to others! God makes His mark on us and we make our mark on the world around us and God markes down in His book everything we do!


There was lot of writing going on in Heaven this past weekend (Oct 15/16) at New Hope Oahu and across the campuses. Hundreds upon hundreds of people emptied out of their seats to stand in line and walk the bridge on the main stage. Each one was committing their life to prayer and generous action. Each one was moving from the impassable and the impossible to the passable and the possible through Jesus. This was specifically in regards to the Future + Hope Building Initiative, but will go on to impact every area of their lives. Like Cornelius, they prayed consistently and constantly for five weeks before making their move. Like Cornelius, they gave to meet the needs of those around them. Every man, woman, and child that will come to know Christ in the days to come will be directly tied to this mark making moment! Not because of a building. Buildings don't save anyone. But, because of the people that fill this building that are making more room to reach as many as possible in the community around us. I don't know what they were pledging that day, but I know God does. As they wrote down their gift commitment God wrote it down in His book of remembrance. God made His mark on New Hope so New Hope could make His mark on our island. God doesn't forget. He doesn't have short term memory. He is omniscient. So, why go through the trouble of recording our prayers and our deeds? I can't help but think that one day when we are reunited with our Savior in Heaven, He will sit us down on His lap, like a child with his father, and turn page after page in the Book of Remembrance. The angels will look on in amazement. We might be a little amazed too! Because the things that God marks down in His book as an important and worthy of memorial are the things this world often overlooks and completely forgets.


I pray that what You celebrate in Heaven is what I will facilitate on earth. I pray that what catches Your attention is what I will give my attention to. I pray that what You record in Your Book Remembrance I will hold in awe and reverance. I pray that as I spend time in the presence of a generous God through prayer my life would reflect You through generous giving around me. I stand in awe at the generous church You have entrusted to me. As I hugged and greeted each one who walked over the bridge I could see in their tear-filled eyes what You saw in Cornelius. They were making a mark on eternity because they had been marked by eternity. As You wrote each name and gift down in Your Book I can almost picture the smile on Your face. I know I sure had one on mine!

Devotions for October 19

Job 5
Psalms 108
Acts 10,11

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