Leaning Heavily on my Gifts and Abilities

Rod Shimabukuro


And Moses saw all the work, and behold, they had done it; as the LORD had commanded, so had they done it. Then Moses blessed them. Exodus 39:43


The craftsmen and all the people involved in building the tabernacle completed their assignment. It was time for the inspection. The furniture, tapestry, furnishings and all the nuts an bolts were assembled according to the specs given by Moses. It’s interesting to me that the Lord commanded and Moses blessed them. We know ultimately the Lord blesses, through Moses. But it seems to me that there is a picture of authority carrying out the assignment of the Lord. It was Moses’ responsibility to instruct, delegate, inspect - then give the thumbs up approval and reward of blessing the workers.


To live differently today as a shepherd leader is to first, be one who listens to the commands of the Lord. There are specific instructions the Lord has for me to carry out in this season. It’s not a work for me to accomplish - but for me to delegate properly, to the right leaders, volunteers & craftsmen. Then to follow up, follow through on inspection. Is the work being done according to God’s heart and ways?

There are a few areas I need to adjust. It starts with me listening intently to the the specific interactions of the Lord. He is heart, His ways. But I seem to drift to using my God given natural abilities and ways. I slip subtlely into doing things without really seeking HIs voice, heart and ways. God FORGIVE ME!!!


Dear Daddie God!
Please forgive me for depending on myself. I know you’ve given me gifts, talents, passions - but I drift too easily into doing things “on my own.” I’m so sorry. Please forgive me! Thank you for Your strength to seek you, sensitivity to hear Your voice and Spirit to obey Your commands. May I not lean on my own understanding and ways.

Devotions for February 05

Exodus 39,40
Psalms 15
Acts 12

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