Keep Your Vow

Calvin Kochi


35“No!” Peter insisted. “Even if I have to die with you, I will never deny you!” And all the other disciples vowed the same. Matthew 25:35


Every one of the disciples vowed that they would never deny Jesus even if it meant their death. Each one of them scattered after Jesus was arrested and it would seem that they failed the test. We also know they were so discouraged that some of them went back to what they used to do. They thought that without Jesus their ministries had ended. That is why Jesus after his resurrection would go out to gather them together to challenge them to continue the ministry, and that they would remember what Jesus had them called to do. It is at this moment that they would realize all that Jesus came to teach them was true, and that they now understood what Jesus was saying when He said He must die and be raised from the dead.


After witnessing Jesus death and resurrection the disciples waited for the Holy Spirit to come upon them fulfill the great commission. It was then that the disciples knew that no matter what happened that they would be able to fulfill this vow. They did not make this vow in vain they live to be martyred for Christ. I have a choice in my call and faith to be bold enough to be martyred for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are in a shifting world that is moving farther and farther from God. It is not just in Hawaii, but also in our nation that the rights as Christians are being taken away. A nation built on biblical foundations is having the very foundations remove. I too make the same declaration even if I have to die I will never deny you. Just like each of the disciples they were killed for their faith. I too must take a stand.


Help me to be bold in a nation that is drawing further and further from you.. and to be able to take a stand no matter the out come.

Devotions for November 27

Psalms 125
Matthew 26,27

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