When you stroll through the bustling weekend services of New Hope Christian Fellowship, it's hard to imagine that New Hope started as a quiet whisper from God, seventeen years ago. In 1995, Pastor Wayne and his wife Anna moved to Oahu from Hilo, Hawaii to start an Oahu church. They had been pastoring the New Hope Hilo church for 12 years and planted nine others, when God called on Wayne to plant a church that would serve Oahu and beyond. As he and his family prayed over this calling with the other church leaders, Wayne sensed Godí's urgency to begin something new in Oahu.

"I felt God saying it was time to pioneer another church, so I started training other leaders. Then the Lord spoke to my heart, saying "you're to do it yourself." So I handed the baton to my co-pastor in Hilo and we moved to Oahu."

From its inception, God's hand was upon this new creation. New Hope Christian Fellowship Oahu would slowly emerge through an amazing foundation of networking and dedicated teamwork. Pastor Wayne partnered with his old friends Dan and Carol Ann Shima.


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